Defused & Confused

Fuse lit

She began to smoulder

Sizzling, burning

Tingling all over

A raging furnace

Was ignited

At last alive

Infused, excited

He continued to pour

fuel on the fire

The flames increased

Climbing higher and higher

They touched the sky

Setting it ablaze

Common sense incinerated

She succumbed in a daze

Then all at once

A power cut

She felt herself shrinking

As he pulled the plug

Plummeting now

Back down to Earth

She crash landed

And it really hurt


As toilet paper

Flushed away

Without a see you later

A hazardous encounter

She really didn’t need

Although she licked her wounds

They continued to bleed

That she could be treated

In this way

Illustrates the sickening culture

Pervading ‘dating’ today

A veritable minefield

Where one is dehumanised

Picked up and then put down

Blown out, cast aside

The instant gratification

Of communicating online

Negates the need it seems

To meet up in real life

A first ‘date’ can be had

Using video call

You get the general jist

Having made barely any effort at all

And before you know it

You’ve been virtually ‘banged’

Used to scratch an itch

Wham, bam thank you, m’am!

They then disappear

To reek havoc elsewhere

Leaving you out in the cold

Stranded, up in the air

Virtual ratbags

That you can’t even slap

That hide behind screens

Dishing out their crap

Cowardly pussies

Not lions in this case

That don’t have the gumption

To meet face to face

So impersonal

Heartless as hell

More evidence of zombiefication

Devoid of emotion as well

Distinctly soulless

Operating like machines

By remote control

Riding roughshod over feelings

Immune to the fact

There’s an actual person somewhere

That might be upset

By this lack of care

So the radio silence

Was deafening

She vowed never again

To be so sucked in

She chalked it up

To experience

Rebuilt her walls

The first line of defense

As for online dating

And scraping the bottom of the well:

F**k swiping left and right

It go to hell.

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