Swimming in perilous waters

Playing the dating game

Too many sharks for this little fish

Don’t want to get bitten again

First they swoop

All over you like a rash

Making plans

Moving too fast

They build up your hopes

Infiltrate your dreams

Then they drop you

Just as quickly it seems

Having led you on

But having still played the field

They’ve cast their nets wide

But penetrated your shield

You let your guard down

Just for a while

They reeled you in

Then cast you aside

Left you hanging

Up in the air

Then next time you checked

They were no longer there

Blue ticked and ghosted

Whilst they’re clearly online

Chatting to another catch, no doubt

As you fall to the back of the line

Well competing’s not for me

If I don’t stand out from the crowd

You’re clearly not worthy

So that’s it, I’m out.

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