Bladders That Go Bump In The Night

When nature calls

Thou must obey

Except when in slumber

That just isn’t ok

Suddenly you wake

And wonder why

Until you hear

Your bladder cry

The sensation creeps in

Building in strength

You try to ignore it

But it won’t relent

You turn and twist

Willing it to subside

But a swell is building

Between your thighs

With the dam about to burst

You yank yourself up

Leg it to the loo

Entreating the urge to stop

Til you’re safely in the bathroom

And can finally let go

Bleary eyed yet relieved

As you allow your pee to flow

But your problems aren’t over yet

Here’s where the real challenge comes

Will you ever get back to sleep

Now you bladder has banged it’s drum?

It’s 5 am

Dawn has started to break

You’re no longer in pain

But you’re wide awake!

And no amount of counting sheep

Can knock you out again

And so you curse your bladder

For depriving of sleep your brain

You lie there staring at the ceiling

Lamenting your bad luck

Conclude you must admit defeat

And reluctantly get up.

Way too early 😞

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