People Police

Double standards


One rule for them

Another for thee
Tongues dripping with lies

The fangs are almost out

Better watch your back

Or you’ll be pulling swords, no doubt
Under surveillance 

The ever watchful eye

Monitoring your every move

To see if you comply
Rules to be obeyed

Judgements in the ether

You have to respect their laws

Or expect a sermon from their preacher
Live and let live

Doesn’t apply

You’ll be reprimanded 

Though you may not understand why
If they disagree with your actions

And the way you prioritise

Because it jars with them

And you eventually they despise 
So be careful what you say

And how much you divulge

For it may be held against you

And all favour you had annulled 
For familiarity 

breeds contempt

Sad but true

I lament
Best to put

Some space between

You and that ‘force’

That notices everything
Take some distance

Step right back

Shield yourself 

From unwarranted attacks
I guarantee

It’s for the best

Extract yourself 

From the vipers’ nest.

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