Bubble Gum

Bubble gum is amazing

It stretches when you blow

You can wrap it miles around your tongue

And inflate that stuff like dough 
Especially Hubba Bubba

The stretchiest of them all

Blow that mutha f***er

And you can have a ball!
But remember it’s only membrane

Though tough it has its limits

It’ll only stretch so far

Til it splits and covers you in it
Stretchy things aren’t infinite

Even they can be spread too thin

So careful with that stuff

Or it’ll burst and splat, done in.
The same applies to people

They can only bend so far

Before they inevitably snap

Broken, clean in half.
We only have one pair of hands

And helpful as one can be

If everyone wants a piece of you

It becomes an impossibility
To fulfil their needs 

And still meet your own

You end up depleted

Clapped out, on the floor
So you must set boundaries

Look after yourself

Learn to say ‘no’

Think of your health
When it all gets too much

That’s a red flag right there

So take a step back

Regroup and take care
For if you’re burnt out

You’re no good to anyone

So repeat after me:

‘I’m not a piece of bubblegum’.

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