The Road

Catapulted into the world
My journey began

A life unfurled
The road ahead was long

I embarked on a path

I’m not sure I planned to be on
I managed to somehow crawl

Began to walk

Sometimes I’d fall
I’d have to get back up

My legs were unsteady

To stand was tough
But I got there in the end

Skills for the future

Had I learned
Obstacles come and go

Hump back bridges

Jar the flow
The potholes can catch me out


Sometimes I cry out
Sometimes it’s plain sailing

I bound along

Without complaining
Sometimes I have a hand to hold

To keep me company

And contemplate growing old
Sometimes I go it alone

The littlest hobo

Needing no one 
Other times I yearn for a friend

But ultimately

We negotiate the bends
And twists and turns by ourselves

For it’s a solo trip

That cannot be shelved.


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