Monotonous Mercury Rising

Unrelenting heat
Persists for protracted days

Outstaying it’s welcome now

Oppressive the lack of shade
Nowhere to escape and hide

From the blinding rays

Sweaty, sleepless nights

Wandering around in a daze
Fatiguing soaring temperatures

Sap vitality

Lounging is all I feel capable of

Low output, productivity
The air so densely humid

Almost another layer to bear

I yearn for the intermittent breeze

To cool and caress my hair
Gooey tarmac

Scorched white grass

Prickly to sit on

It scratches my a**e
Too sweltering now to bask

And obtain a golden glow

Instead I dodge the searing fingers

That singe me as they stroke
From dawn til dark and into the night

The temperature persistently high

I toss and turn and beg for mercy

But it continues until it’s light
Oh pretty please would you kindly

Turn it down a notch

It’s boring now, really

To be so burning hot
Bring on the rain

To cleanse us all

Extinguish the furnace

Rehydrate, let it fall!
Drench my skin

Until I’m soaking wet

Bring about rebirth

I entreat, nay, I beg!

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