Mean Green

She put on a lilac ‘rinse’

And left it for only 10 mins

It went a deep shade of violet

She wished she hadn’t tried it

So she attempted to wash it out

But it was stuck fast there was no doubt

Then it faded to all colours of the spectrum 

Now it’s green and matches her plectrum

It wasn’t her intention to give herself green hair

She wishes she’d resisted the urge 

To dye it and make a right flaming mess

Now it seems in her head someone’s purged

So every day she scrubs and scrubs

With all manner of paint strippers

But the green in her barnet won’t budge

So she’s stuck with this colour it seems

Trying to match her clothes with her hair

Is proving quite a task

There’s only so much teal in her closet 

And she’s bored with the situation though it lasts
Sick of the sight

When she looks in the mirror 

She feels like shaving it all off

Grotbags would be thrilled

That she had an impersonator

Oh if only this girl could laugh
But it’s no laughing matter

When your hair’s in tatters

And no amount of effort sorts it out 
All she wants to do

Is vanquish this colour

But she can’t and it’s stressing her out! 

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