Projectile Bile

The uncaring and unempathic
Make me so mad
Thoughtlessly operating

They fire around 
Insensitive words

That can prick and sting

Designed to hurt

Dark energy do they bring
It’s all about them

And their world of pain

So bitter and twisted

Verbal punches do they rain
Down on those 

Whom have β€˜irked’ them so

Unwittingly perhaps

But still they blow
Me me me!

They take precedence 

Self-centred to the hilt

So others they condemn
Offloading at the innocent

To numb their misery inside

Makes them feel better

To cause another to cry
I guess they can’t help it

As they’re suffering within

Something is lacking

In them, something grim
So on to any poor soul

Do they their bile project

Thus be mindful of this

And yourself do protect.

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