He moved me but

He didn’t know

We were on the cusp

The feelings began to flow

I felt drawn to him

And was willing to merge

But we were interrupted

And our little bubble was burst

And so he left

Went back to his life

But the impression he made

Has caused me some strife

This lost opportunity

May never come again

Though I yearn for him

But he won’t relent

So I bottle it up

Keep it locked inside

But when I think of him

Butterflies arise

In the pit of my stomach

Fluttering away

And then he infiltrates my dreams

So that when I awake

I’m aching for him

Wishing he was nearby

But we are far apart

Though these emotions won’t subside

What to do?

Powerless it seems

The one that got away

If only he knew how much he means.

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