Vicious Circle

The barbed cycle of abuse

Spins and turns

The perpetrator roams free

No lessons learnt

Constantly escaping

The scales of justice

Fiercely holding its victim

In its angry clutches 

Caught in its web

Of control and manipulation

Bound by a billion threads

Powerless under its jurisdiction 

Unable to think


The persecuted victim

Destroyed psychologically 

No immunity to fight

The toxic onslaughts

Be they physical, emotional

Or their own Stockholm-syndrome like thoughts

Effectively caged and imprisonned

From systematic debasement

Lacking the self-belief

To fully escape the situation

The abuser in denial

Anything untoward took place

Adopting the β€˜victim’ mentality

Now this spider has fallen from grace

Delusional to the hilt

The lies trip from its tongue

The threats pour forth in a torrent

Now it’s victim has tried to run

But the victim begins to falter

The road ahead unclear

Soiled and slippery from the oil slick

The abuser upon it did smear

Sliding backwards 

Into the pit of despair

The victim weakens

Descending there

The arms outstretched

To save this poor mite

Not quite strong enough

To wrench the victim out of its plight

Thus the cycle

Engages once more

Spinning and turning

Just as before.

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