Is the end nigh?
I fear for you

I grieve 

I cry
I worry you’re going to leave

And how I’m going to cope

You’re pallor is grey, you’re weary

And why I do not know
I wish I could make you better

But I don’t know where to start

I love you more than you know

You’re embedded in my heart 
You’ve been here my whole life

I’ve never known a world without you

If this is it then give me strength 

To be there and see you through
Watching you suffer this way

Tears me totally apart

I go for I can’t bear to stay

And watch you drift, depart
On tenterhooks we wait

For the outcome of your tests

I gave you the only gift I could

The return of the one you love best
Hoping together

You’ll find a way

To face what’s in store 

And celebrate
The time you have left

For I fear it is little

Thus it is precious

Though weak and brittle
Make the most of it, please

Put your weapons down

Call a truce

The time is now.

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