Weighed down by the heavy cloak of depression

And his tormented brain

He searched for the answers in a bottle 

He reached the bottom and sank even deeper into the pit
Senses intoxicated

Clearly not on his right mind 

He fumbled around in the medicine cabinet

Seeking the ultimate way out
The pills were calling out to him

β€œWe can free you”

So he swallowed the lot, washed down with yet more liquor


The chemicals began to dance through his veins

Releasing their deadly poison

He was overcome 

Unconsciousness set in

Contorted and convulsing he buckled and slumped to the floor
She found him this time

Like the time before

Out cold, black mucus running out of his mouth

His β€˜guardian angel’

She dialled 999
20 years later

And history repeats itself

This time he phones her to confess

The cycle resumes

Frantic calls to the authorities

Interminable waiting

Can he be brought back from the brink?
Yet again he is saved

But not cured

A ticking bomb free to wreak havoc

Upon his blood ties

Unharnessed rage and anger

Eluding the β€˜system’ once more
A life saved

But a life sentence imposed on his β€˜loved’ ones

When will it ever end?!

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