A Drop In The Ocean

Used to like watching tv

Now it just makes me bored 

Used to love you and me

When it was fun – how I adored

Now my rhythm’s all over the place

And so is my aching head

From too much time

Wasted on someone 

Who would rather be in bed 

Always too tired or broke it seems

To live Iife to the full

I’m sitting surrounded by shattered dreams 

Feeling an ache I wish would dull

A wasted effort 

Too much did I give

This depletion is real

Emptied out through combative 

Exchanges and retorts

They say romance is dead

Stillborn with you

From beginning to end 

So I take my leave

And throw in the towel

Wipe the slate clean

Before I fall foul

To another broken heart

Like the pieces of my dreams

Scattered all around me

Unpicked at the seams.

Salvaging something from the wreck

That’s sinking to the bottom of the ocean bed

A smidgin of that stuff named dignity

That will keep me afloat now at last I am free.

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