Don’t you burst my bubble

Or rain on my parade

I’m walking on sunshine

Not stepping in your shade


I am on a high

Things are going fine

Got a spring in my step

And I’m feeling divine


Join me if you want to

But do not bring me down

Had enough of negativity

And never will I drown


Firing on all cylinders

Bursting with energy

Feeling light and zingy

Effervescent and carefree


As if I could actually fly

To the magical end of a rainbow

On the wings of a unicorn

Wafting which way the wind blows
Through iridescent, turquoise skies

And fluffy cappuccino clouds

Dodging dancing golden rays

That glisten all around
This vibe is sublime

I’m not causing any trouble

So stay out of my way

I won’t let you burst my bubble.

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