Beggars Belief

Ain’t too proud to beg 

Pays more than a regular job

With wages so low

And nowhere to go

It’s hard to blame this baying mob

At every turn

An outstretched hand

A fee for everything

As they approach and demand

A career of sorts

Professionals are they 

As they show you a ‘kindness’

Or deliberately lead you astray

Then hit you up

At an extortionate rate

Though sympathetic to their plight 

You start to hate 

This insatiable hunger 

They feel inside

As you see the pound signs

Flashing before their eyes

When a visitor passes by

‘A walking atm’

Perceived to be full of cash

To be emptied out by them

On you like a plague

They’ll quickly rinse you clean

If you don’t have your wits about you

If you’re generous instead of mean

An impossible situation 

It really wears you down

Caught in a full-blown tourist trap

Ravenous they hound 

Concentrated at every site

The beggars lie in wait

Harass you with all their might

And if you don’t cough up

They’ll spit at you or curse

Or threaten to beat you up

That’s a fact – could it get any worse?

These parasites that swarm

Around the city of Marrakech

Are a horrific blight on a place

I so wanted me to impress

The way they aggressively prey

On the travellers that flow

Sadly ruined what I truly hoped would be

A magical place to go 😥

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