Sandy Saharan story

The sun sets over the Sahara

A blinding fireball in the sky

The dunes ablaze with golden light

As day unveils the night

The crimson sand cooling

It’s ember coals fade to grey

The searing heat subsides

A light breeze caresses our face

The Bedouin campsite beckons

Like nomads we wend our way

Sandblasted skin and eyes aglow

The candlelit marquee awaits

Warmly greeted by the desert tribe

We are served mint tea and almonds

Opulence abounds as we take respite

Tucked away in the Saharan mountains

Illuminated harlequin lanterns

Embedded in the ground

Depict our passage through

The rouge-carpeted sandy mounds

A feast of bricochette poulet

And legumes graces the table

We dine and share our experiences

And hear tales and Arabic fables

And then the entertainment begins

As we gather around the bonfire

Beating drums and acoustic strings

Symphonise our every melodic desire

Into late evening

We chant and we sing

A melting pot of nationalities

United in hymn

The noir velvet darkness

Studded with an abundance of electric stars

Twinkling at the tips of our noses

A sparkling canopy igniting our hearts

At the stroke of midnight

We eventually bed down

The final curtain drawn

The jewel in the crown

The sheer majesty of the Sahara

Is breathtaking beyond words

Her soothing ambience and tranquility

A mystical wonder of this earth

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