Blue January

The bleak side of Christmas
January blues
Finances pinched
Tax returns loom

A lack of sun
Everything grey
Long dark nights,
Freezing, soggy days

Winter lurgies
Harsh and unpleasant
Bugs, colds, flu
Honey and lemon

Sweating buckets
Lying in bed
Shivers and tingles
Banging heads

Drinking fluids
Fortified soups
Daytime TV
Endless soaps

Time off work
But no fun to be had
Vegetating profusely
Feeling wretched, beyond bad

New Year’s resolutions
Of keeping fit
Parked for now
Until we no longer feel s**t

Roll on February
And the elusive Valentine
Who’ll send us roses
And ply us with wine

Smother us in chocolate
And lick it all off
We can but dream –
As we sneeze, splutter and cough!


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