Red Flag

She is lunar
She waxes and she wanes
Her cycle like the moon
Mystical power she contains
Her moods like the tide
Changing day by day
Hormonally riding
The crests of these waves
Encounter her at the beginning
And enticing is she
Beguiling to be around
Inside her he wants to be
Yet lo, when the heat has cooled
She wants to be alone
Her claws may come out
If he should get too close
Inward she turns
To examine how she feels
Deep into her psyche goes she
And neon are her dreams
Then comes the flow
A clearing oft with pain
She needs to be nurtured
Sheltered from the crimson rain
So shower her with love
Or leave her, blessed be
Now is the time to retreat
Replenish her energy
Whatever you do, don’t wave
A red flag in her face
She may not be a bull
But this cow can rage and chase
Beware the wild woman
Disturbed from her meditative state
Gode her at your peril now
Avoid encountering the grimmest fate
For this dazzling Goddess can turn
In the blinking of an eye
Akin to the Preying Mantis
Devouring her guy
β€˜Til nothing else remains
Save for the memory
Of their encounter in her mind alone
For exist no more would he.

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