Swinging In Frosty The Meadow

The child on the swing
Deep in thought
Began to sing
And called out to God

“Embrace me”, said she,
“I’m feeling lost,
Take me in your arms,
Let me feel your touch”.

Rocking was she
Suspended in her cradle
Loosing track of time
Her heart laid out on the table

And then a robin appeared
Landed right by her side
He turned to her, red breast aflame
In the glorious morning sunlight

He hopped around her
Never averting his gaze
He cocked his little head
And then flew off to another place

The child on the swing felt soothed
T’was almost Christmas after all
Thus the sugary frost on the grass
And the robin who’d answered her call

Suggested that all would be well
If she trusted and just checked in
She held the key to the sacred chamber
Where they waited for her to begin

To commune with them
Her soul family
Who would listen without dismay

To all her woes and happy tales
And who then
Words of wisdom would say

They never left her
T’was she who didn’t visit
Thus she floundered there for a while

The lines were down
She was disconnected
And frankly the feeling was vile

Like a boat cast out on the ocean
With its compass spinning around
Battered by the waves and the wind
The tide almost ran her aground

But at last she’d found her anchor
And lowered it quickly to stop
Her vessel making her dizzy
Set adrift and running a-mock.


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