Mirror, Mirror

When you look in the mirror 

Do you like what you see?

Not talking appearances here

This isn’t about vanity 

I’m asking you can you look yourself in the eye?

Knowing what you have done?

Just because nobody found out

Doesn’t mean that you have won

For you have to live with it every day
Your conscience ringing that bell

Incessantly til it just won’t go away

Thus your life is a living hell
Is your reflection 

Like the portrait of Grey?

Rotting and deteriorating from within?
Does it get uglier 

With every passing day?

Each and every time you sin?
Depicting you as you really are

When examined from the inside out?

For that’s where it counts and where lies the truth

Not in the lipstick you wear on your mouth
That mask you wear is a disguise

A painting that hides the cracks 

A flimsy cover for secrets and lies

Until karma you in the face smacks
For heed these words

It all comes around

And one day there’ll be nowhere to run
So make hay now

While the sun shines

Until justice to you is done.

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