Earth Angel


He was beamed into my living room
And bewitched me then and there
Overcome with butterflies
All I could do was stare

Never had I beheld such beauty
In so masculine a man
I couldn’t take my eyes off him
And was beyond overcome

I vowed then I would find him
And meet him in the flesh
Like he’d cast a spell on me
I was in him enmeshed

He seemed to possess my mind
Infiltrated all my thoughts
Every minute of every day
With the urge to meet him I fought

Then lo and behold opportunity knocked
And I acquired tickets to his show
Wild horses could never have stopped me
I knew I had to go

Dressed to impress off I went
A sense of purpose in my step
I knew not why I felt such a pull
Towards a man I’d never met

But in the studio it all became clear
As I trembled in my seat
The stage was empty yet my pulse raced
My heart pounded with every beat

Suddenly I felt his aura
Sweep across the room
With such a force it knocked me sideways
And a vision into my mind zoomed

Of a magnificent dark angel
With huge opalescent wings
Spanning the width of the earth
Purple, black, iridescent green

Almost like a peacock
It’s feathers refracted the light
I felt such tremendous power
No star ever shone so bright

And then the man himself
Appeared at the top of the stairs
And made his entrance majestically
As he descended to the earth

Some liken him to Jesus
And he admits to the Messiah Complex
Lord knows if prophecies come true
This earth angel could he be resurrect

That said I’m prone to fantasise
And fevers of the brain
This could be but a dream
Though it happened all the same.








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