Wandering Hands In La La Land


Wandering hands
Preying pervs
Surely now in La La Land
More will be unearthed

It’s about time this rot
Was wheedled out
It shouldn’t be what the profession
Is all about

The casting couch needs
To become obsolete
Shagging your way to the top
Never sat well with me

‘Tis a plague on the profession
Afflicting women all too much
Why should we endure
Someone chancing a touch?

Groping you under the guise
It’ll get you more work –
Don’t these men realise
They are clearly sick jerks?

Abusing their power
And position in this way
Intimidating their victims
Into subjugation for pay

Thank God for Equity
If you have the balls to fight
I didn’t once upon a time
But that doesn’t make it right

Women must unite
And find their voice
Speak up and speak out –
You have a choice!



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