White Flag

Women are from Venus
Men are from Mars
Men have penises
Women wear bras

How these two creatures
Are to live in harmony
Is something which thus far
Has completely baffled me

It seems a constant struggle
To keep each other happy
One misunderstands the other
And then they both feel crappy

But when you are hetro
You yearn for the opposite sex
Yet when you find someone
It becomes so utterly complex

Can’t live with them
Can’t live without
Being in love’s the best thing ever
Until there’s something to row about

Then all hell breaks loose
Emotions flying high
Men run for the hills
Women start to cry

They think it’s all over
And then perhaps it’s not
First they break up
Then give it another shot

A merry-go-round
Of blood, sweat and tears
When to throw in the towel?
When to reconcile not disappear?

What’s the magic formula?
To getting this crazy little thing right?
I’m tired of it all
I surrender, I won’t fight.






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