Been to the dentist
For a Re: root canal
Had needles in my gums
To numb me out
He’s been digging and a-drilling
Into my molar
I really cannot wait
For this saga to be over!

When he Re-packed the tooth
I was in pain
Had to go back
To have it drained
That didn’t work
And now it’s infected
Not gonna deny I’m
Feeling dejected

Agony ensued
Three sleepless nights
Been back four times
To get it put right
He opened up the tooth
Again and again
But that’s not workin –
I’m still in pain

Drugs aplenty
I’m going up the wall
A little demented
When will the story end?
Can’t take anymore
Feeling so rancid
I’m on the floor

Gotta go back Tuesday
To finish the job
Costing me a fortune
Think I have been robbed!


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