My God

Like the God of the Old Testament
Prone can you be to wrath
You’re temperament unpredictable
Too infrequently do you laugh
But in my very creation
Did you have a hand
Thus I will always be thankful
Even if I don’t understand
Why you are like you are
They broke the mold with you
A force of nature so powerful
At times some damage can you do
Indeed you too are a diamond
Unique, but in your case raw
Alas, you need refinement
But your beauty do I also adore
Still a work in progress
To polish you with love I have tried
But your edges, sharp, can cut deep
Even when wax is applied
Protective gloves I must wear
The closer I come to you
Handle you with care
Though precious, when sparkling you do
Have the ability to burn
For your element is combustive
Like a firework are you
Full of gunpowder, oft mistrusted
So forgive me if I am wary
I realise that you mean well
I love you even when you are scary
Know you wear a protective shell
Prickly on the outside
To protect the softness you fiercely guard
A bulldog you keep at your gate
I know not why you find it so hard
To express your true emotions
But ultimately you do
And live with that I must
For we’re family, thick and thin through
So I worship you from afar
For at times you drive me mad
But I’m also grateful to have you –
My one and only Dad πŸ’œ

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