Somehow we made it through
And reached our respective destinations
Separated, it’s true
But intact in our new locations

And I, for one, feel enriched
By that part of our journey we shared
The pleasure was worth the pain
I have no desire to be spared

We needed each other
For whatever the reason
Enjoyed a haitus
A hay-making season

But all life is transient
It ebbs and it flows
Seasonal cycles
Will come and then go

Will blossom and fade
Sure as the night
Will follow the day

I am just happy
That by pure chance
We met along the way
And enjoyed a wonderful dance

And I say this to all
My compadres in life
The good, the bad, the ugly
The trouble and the strife

Thank you for the colours
You wove into my fabric
Thank you for the legends
Who’ve helped me walk this labyrinth

And thanks in anticipation
For all that is yet to come
I’m ready to embrace you
A new chapter has begun

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