The present currently a mirror
Reflecting shades of myself back at me

The light of my mind a flicker with insight
Illumination highlighting the different aspects of my soul laid bare for all to see

The moonlight glistening on the water
Rippling pictures fade in and out
A movie of notions and thoughts playing out from within the depths of my psyche

Obliterating past patterns of behaviour hopefully to be replaced in the future with a more conscious wave of being

The shedding of a skin
The raw exposure of a new layer acclimatising to this new found perception

Healing afoot yet still fragile and shaken from the initial impact of the light piercing and shattering the glacial pyramid I was incased in

Dangling from the silver thread of a spider’s web swinging through space and time surrounded by sparkling stars

Suspended for now enjoying the spectacular view across the horizon


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