This Place

This place where you are going

I have never been

But I believe that you’ll go on

In a different reality


I believe in the afterlife

And in angels and in heaven

I believe you’ll find true love

I believe you will always be present


The spirit  never dies

The soul is everlasting

The body is a skin

You simply will be shedding


And when you close your eyes

And finally go to sleep

You’ll wake up in a dream

Where you will be at peace


Ecstasy will envelop you

You’ll melt into such bliss

And rise above it all

And feel your father’s kiss


And we’re not far away

Just the other side of the door

You can visit any time

Even if we can’t see you any more


Your daughters will know you are there

Because you’ll live inside their hearts

And the memories they’ll treasure

Will see them through the dark


You’ll always be remembered

There’s eternal life in that

You’ve made a tremendous impact

That simply is a fact


I love you to a million pieces

And wanted to say this to you

For I believe that something infinite

And profound is waiting for you


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